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Transforming Higher Education for Tomorrow


Transforming Higher Education for Tomorrow

As the world evolves rapidly, so must our approach to education. Universities and higher education institutions must adapt to thrive in the dynamic landscape of learning and teaching. Our mission is to help you create an educational environment that is agile, forward-thinking, and ready to embrace the challenges of the 21st century.

Introducing our comprehensive service designed to revolutionise the way your university approaches learning and teaching. We will work alongside you to evaluate existing frameworks and strategies, identify key areas for growth, and develop tailored solutions that propel your workforce and your institution into the future.

Our process begins with a deep dive into your institution's current learning and teaching landscape, analysing strengths and weaknesses to establish a strong foundation for growth. Next, we employ a design thinking approach, conducting empathetic interviews with with educators, and students, to gain valuable insights into their experiences and concerns.

Armed with this knowledge, our team of experts will create customised workshops aimed at tackling the challenges and ideating innovative solutions. Collaboratively, we will develop an action plan and design tailored action maps to guide your institution towards a brighter future

But our partnership doesn't end there. We are committed to ensuring the successful implementation of our findings and solutions, guiding you every step of the way to guarantee the best possible outcome. By driving impactful change, we will help your university become a beacon of progress in higher education.

Join us today and embark on a journey to transform the future of learning at your university, creating a legacy of innovation and success that will inspire generations to come. With our expertise and your passion, together, we can redefine higher education for a brighter tomorrow.

Contact Bettina Pfaendner on bettina@futureoflearning.com.au

Bettina Pfaendner M.A.

  • Bettina's approach to a successful project journey is: identify the status quo by active listening and collaboratively work-shopping, prepare a project plan by cooperating with all stakeholders, produce and implement the desired outcome in a playful and respectful way.
  • Bettina's team runs workshops at Universities to train leadership skill, experiential learning, and media rich engaging curriculum design and development.
  • Link to publication "How to overcome Technophobia in Academia - The Playdate"
  • Bettina in action as executive producer of the Future of Learning Week 2022, Swinburne University of Technology - orchestrating the lightning talks.

    Bettina speak at the University Future Festival

    Bettina speaks at the University Future Festival 2024

    Bettina speaks at the University Future Festival 2024


    Introducing Our Unique Future of Learning Service for Universities: Your Pathway to Sustainable Success!

    In this pivotal Decade of Action, embrace the cutting-edge solution that sets your university apart. Our exclusive Future of Learning service is expertly designed to align with the United Nations' 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Inner Development goals (IDGs) that reflect the essential graduate capabilities and future skills in Higher Education. As Artificial Intelligence becomes increasingly vital in Learning and Teaching environments, our mission is to empower your university to rise to the challenges of today and tomorrow.

    Through our comprehensive service, we'll analyse, design, develop, implement, and evaluate a custom approach tailored to your university's unique needs. By partnering with us, you're ensuring that your institution remains at the forefront of sustainable education and innovation, seamlessly matching your strategies for this transformative decade of change.

    Don't miss out on the opportunity to redefine your institution's future. Choose our Future of Learning service and embark on a journey to academic excellence and sustainable success.

    Our services in detail ⬇️
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    Standard benefits:
    Get a clear understanding of your current learning and teaching landscape.
    Establish a strong foundation for growth.

    Emotional benefits:
    Give your students the education they deserve.
    Ensure that your institution remains competitive in today's market.

    Ideate & Create

    Standard benefits: Ideate and create - conduct empathetic interviews with educators and students to gain valuable insights into their experiences and concerns. Gain directions for state of the art curriculum design to enhance the student journey.

    Emotional benefits: Gain valuable insights into educator experiences and concerns. Directions for state of the art curriculum design at your University!

    Design & Develop

    Standard benefits: Achieve your institutional goals objectives with our innovative solutions. Benefit from tailored solutions that fit your unique needs. Benefit from innovative teaching methods and technology.

    Emotional benefits: Be propelled into the future of learning and teaching with purpose and confidence. Transform your institution into a forward thinking powerhouse. Metamorphose the learning experience for your students.


    Standard benefits: Collaboratively, we will develop an action plan and design tailored action maps . Improved performance and outcomes. Enhanced teaching and research capabilities. Improved graduation rates and reduce retention.

    Emotional benefits: Achieve your dreams for yourself and future students. Transform the future of education for the better.


    Standard benefits: Valuate what you've implemented for change.. Make an impact that is measurable. Distill changes for the future of learning.

    Emotional benefits: Achieve your goals and dreams. Make a real difference in the world.


    Concrete projects

    Orchestrating the implementation of the United Nations Agenda 2030 and its 17 Sustainability Development Goals into your Learning and Teaching, your contribution to the decade of action 2020-2030.

    Organising the Future of Learning conference at your University (Example from SUT 2022 and 2023)

    Matching graduate capabilities to Inner Development Goals and implementing these IDGs into your curriculum.

    Designing your blended and hybrid curricula.

    Training educators in experiential learning.

    Transforming frameworks into actions.

    Bettina in action as executive producer of the Future of Learning Week 2022, Swinburne University of Technology - discussing Future Skills with experts in their fields.

    If you want to know, what we talked about, contact Bettina Pfaendner on bettina@futureoflearning.com.au

    Schedule a meeting with the Future of Learning Orchestrator Team to find out more about our Services for your University.


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